BROOKSVILLE RAID Civil War Reenactment

16 01 2011

Video, images and story by Rob Baynard, editor at large of

Jan. 15, 2011 – The two-day 31st annual Brooksville Raid Civil War reenactment started today at Sand Hill Scout Reservation in Brooksville, Fla.

The New York and New Jersey regiments of the northern army won the first battle today, but both camps said that the south will rise again to win tomorrow.

Over 1500 participants gathered at the largest and oldest Civil War reenactment in Fla. There were soldiers packing their rifles, doctors and nurses to care for the wounded, and even a chaplain to lead the troops in prayer before battle.

Sutlers peddled their wares, with everything from 19th century apparel to classic rifles, swords and throwing knives.

Elegant period gowns were seen scattered throughout the camps and spread out on the lawn to watch their men fight and die for their side.

Tickets for adults were $6.00, and visitors could get a batch of fry bread and an old fashioned root bear for around $10.00. Don’t expect the reenactors to break character to appease the bystanders. Watch what camp you walk into if you’re not rooting for their side!


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3 responses

6 02 2011
Will oliver

Nice photos. Mobile site works well too. How’s your audience been?

19 02 2011
January Recap « Reenactors Gazette

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8 03 2011
Emily Young

Wow – great photos. It made me feel like I was there. I love the sepia photo of the rearing horse, especially.

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